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From Principal's Desk

From Principal's Desk


I believe my role as an educator is to guide and nurture the next generation to establish skills to achieve health, knowledge, respect, and prosperity.

I am passionate about students being empowered to succeed. As a Principal, I use all tools available to inspire staff and students to work together to promote student achievement and well-being.   I am an avid supporter of effective and innovative professional development that encourages teachers to be reflective and to continuously examine our practice to provide quality teaching and learning for each student.

I believe that having quality, inspirational and passionate teachers is essential to a school's success. To borrow John Hattie's words; "teachers should build classroom climates where errors are welcome, student engagement is the norm, questioning is high and students gain reputations as effective learners."

I enjoy celebrating successes and acknowledge hard work of staff, students and community and believe this is one of the contributors fundamental to a happy school environment. All staff, students and community should feel valued and appreciated at school.

Vivek W Joshi