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Nikalas Branch, Nagpur | Since 1982


Somalwar High School and Junior College, Nikalas Branch founded in the year 1982 with the motto – ‘ज्ञानादे व तु कैवल्यम’i.e. ‘only through knowledge one attains liberation’. we endeavor to impart knowledge and wisdom. Our main emphasisis on academics. Right from the Foundational literacy till Secondary & Higher Secondary, we follow our own pattern. We offer children opportunities to develop in variety of ways that caters to their UNIQUE set of innate qualities. Children are given free rein to enter in the field of their choice. We carefully identify each pupil’s learning ability and help him/her focus on these strengths. Making our students globally relevant is the need of the hour and with the same idea, we encourage our students to participate in various curricular and extra – curricular activities various examinations and competitions at national & international stage. Though academies is our main motive, we offer children with enough opportunities in fine & performing arts along with sports to bring completeness to their personality.

Somalwar Nikalas has a long and glorious tradition of merits. Right from the beginning itself every year hundreds of students carve their names on merit listsof Board Examinations, National Talent Search Examination and Scholarship Examination making the school proud of it’s brilliant students. Such an excellent achievements made during the years gone by has set the path for greater accomplishments in the years to come. Our present batches get great inspiration to make it to the excellence, through the success stories of their past batches. When we reflect on the growth and progress of the institution, we realise that it has a been a long journey dotted with many milestones of success and glory. our greater joy is the laurals brought to us by our proud alumni. Over several years as academic rank holders at various examinations, wining prizes for sports, cultural activities, pursuing further education at different universities throughout the globe and being well placed in and out of India and truly contributing as a competent workforce leading to national development. We are really proud of our eminent Alumi,flourishing at various distinguished and renowned establishments worldwide, who have catapulted the school to the prominence. Somalwar Nikalas has been the first choice of the parents from generations together. Along with school’s strong program of core academic subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science parents are highly moved with the philosophical background of the school. Academic excellence is the prime watchword of Nikalas and we endeavor with great conviction for our student’s academic perfection. We train our students to work for marks but then care for remarks, with the same principle, we try to inculcate life values in our children through various activities in the school. Values are important, because they guide our actions to help us gain what we want in life righteously. Because of such multifaceted endeavor of the school in both academics and value based education, Nikalas has proven itself, the first choice amongst parents for their children’s bright and prospective future.

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