Somalwar High School and Junior College

Nikalas Branch, Nagpur | Since 1982


Shri Damodar P.Thombre


The Somalwar Academy was founded by Shri G. S. Somalwar in 1911, in Mahal, Nagpur with a handful of students. Somalwar family collectively accomplished the task of taking forward the tradition & reputation set by our visionary founder. Today we have about 15 branches in Nagpur located at different parts of the city.

He was a born teacher and was always making experiments in the methods of imparting education. He was described by the Principal of the Spence training college as “An Experimenter And Investigator In Educational Methods. He disapproved the time-old methods taught in training Colleges and followed in Govt. and aided schools. He used to give Model lessons and convince the educationists that his methods were superior to those followed in other ordinary schools. With a view to rendering better service to the people in the field of education, he left Govt. service and started private classes to teach English under the name of “G K. SOMALWAR’S private English Classes”. By his methods boys could speak and write English within six months without cramming and doing home work. He called his method as “The listen and learn method” in which more stress was given on conversational direct method of teaching English.

With the help of working models, he used to create interest, he would say, interest was the soul of the lesson, presentation an art, and apt illustrations, the essence of teaching.

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