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Somalwar High School in Nagpur places a strong emphasis on the importance of reading and learning, and this is reflected in the school’s well-established library. The library is a sanctuary for knowledge and learning, a place where students can explore and discover the world through the pages of books. As the famous quote goes, “there is no friend as loyal as a book,” and at Somalwar High School, students have access to an extensive collection of over 5000 books.

The library is housed in a large hall that is filled with shelves, bookstands, and comfortable furniture. The space is designed to be both functional and inviting, encouraging students to spend time exploring the books and materials available. The library is also well-organized, with books arranged by subject, author, and reading level, making it easy for students to find what they are looking for.

Each class is allotted one library period in the weekly timetable, allowing students to browse, read, and check out books at their leisure. Additionally, the library is accessible to students even during the summer vacations, providing them with an opportunity to continue their learning and reading even when school is not in session.

Overall, the library at Somalwar High School in Nagpur is an invaluable resource for students, providing them with access to a wealth of knowledge and information that will help them to succeed in their academic and personal lives. It is a place where students can explore, learn and grow, and it is a reflection of the school’s commitment to fostering a love of reading and learning in its students.

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